The Best Daily Deal Sites of 2013

We’ve composed a list with the best daily deal websites of 2013 in the US so you know where to go for great discounts and sales.


Saveology logo Saveology offers daily deals in 42 different markets, with many different types of offers at heavily discounted prices. It uses a variety of deal websites along with mass email marketing to reach users. Deals include savings at popular restaurants, spas, theatres and local clubs. Deals are active for a limited time predetermined by both Saveology and the merchant. Check the Saveology website to see if they offer deals in your city.


Dealflicks logo Dealflicks provides discounts of up to 60% to movie theatres across the United States. They help theatres fill their empty seats and in turn provide heavily discounted tickets to members. They currently only operate in the United States, with 62 participating theatres. Dealflicks is a good resource for those who love movies, so check the website to see if there is a theatre near you!

Gilt City

Gilt City logoHeadquartered in New York, Gilt City focuses on major cities in the United States including Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Boston and many more. The only international location is in Tokyo, Japan. The deals are usually based around cultural events, shows and concerts happening in the city. Deals will only last a few hours and expire once limited quantities are purchased. Gilt City is a good resource for those living in major metropolitan areas, especially if you have access to mobile devices where you can check their email frequently.


Tippr logo Tippr is a location-based daily deals website which claims to source the best bargains in your local area, offering discounts of up to 90% off the original retail price. Products are clearly displayed on the website with abundant descriptive information and the deal price and saving is prominently stated. With an app for iPhone consumers can access the website at their leisure and recommend their purchases to friends via Facebook.


YourBestDeals logoYourBestDeals is a daily deals website with a local focus offering discounts of up to 90% off products and services in the consumer’s home city or chosen location. Deals include restaurants, clubs, hotels, spas and salons. By registering on the site you can receive a daily deal by email as well as searching local offers quickly and conveniently. National deals on home products are also offered with low or free shipping to US and Canadian addresses.


Groupon logo Groupon is one of the largest daily deal websites on the internet, and quite possibly the most well-known. If a certain number of users agree to purchase the deal, the deal becomes ‘live’ and is thus available to all. If there are not enough users interested in the deal, the deal will not become available. Groupon deals usually focus on health, wellness and beauty products and services (given the users are predominantly female).


LivingSocial logoFocused on the power of social media, LivingSocial encourages users to share the deal they’ve just purchased with friends and family. If three or more friends purchase the same deal through your link, your deal becomes free. This is a great service for individuals who are connected to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and other social media platforms.


DealChicken logo DealChicken sends out deals to members from different merchants, offering products and services at a discounted promotional price. You are allowed to make an offer for the deal, and the merchant has the right to accept or reject the offer. Users do not get charged until the deal is accepted by the merchant. DealChicken works as a broker between the merchant and users of the website. The benefit of using DealChicken is that the buyer only pays what he or she is comfortable paying.


Eversave logoSpecializing in deals for families and moms, Eversave’s discounted products include flowers, jewelry, children’s items and home goods. Eversave also has a specific focus on travel deals such as hotel and resort stays. Local searches enable consumers to find offers in their region while other savings available include printable grocery coupons. Eversave’s blog features ways to save money or advertises low-cost products and services on offer.


Moolala emails deals to members every morning, with deals ranging from 50-90% off retail prices. Moolala also has a referral system that pays 2% of the retail price on all deals you purchase, as well as 2% on any deals that your friends (that you’ve referred) purchase. If their friends make purchases, you receive 2% on those deals as well – and on and on it goes. Moolala is a great program if you have a large referral base and have a wide-reaching social network.

Voice Daily Deals

Voice Daily Deals is presented by the Village Voice and offers savings on restaurants, events and a wide range of tourist attractions and activities in New York City and the surrounding area. Deals are hosted by daily newspapers and are offered for 24 hours. Voice Daily Deals is a great resource for both residents of New York as well as tourists who are visiting the Big Apple and looking for good deals.

The Daily Hookup

The Daily Hookup is your one-stop shop for premium and high-quality products and services for men, who make up more than 92% of the member database. Members get access to deals on a plethora of products including clothes, concerts and sporting events. Purchases are made online and often from mobile devices. The Daily Hookup also boasts that over 20% of their members are high net worth individuals. is a great website for men who are interested in designer and premium brands. always offers a minimum of 13 great deals at any given time, usually for consumer goods and products. There is a portion of the website dedicated to Special Deals, which offers even more heavily discounted deals for users. Deals are available only for a limited time until they run out. Items are shipped within 24 hours, with shipping currently only available within the United States.


Yugster offers a single daily deal on electronic goods, watches and jewelry with a variety of additional offers. Members, affectionately known as ‘Yugsters’, have advanced purchase options of daily deals as well as members-only offers which cannot be viewed on the public website. Yugster can be accessed from mobile devices so that customers can access deals at their convenience. Facebook members can also receive ‘specials’ and regular competitions offer free items as rewards.


With a mission to offer the sharpest prices on a range of merchandise, 1DailyBuy offers low prices on thousands of items including electronics, home goods, kitchen appliances and toys. With up to 70% discounts applied to ‘daily steal’ items, consumers can also benefit from low or free shipping on many items. Merchandise is conveniently listed under categories so it’s easy to navigate your way around the available deals.


Touted as the retail giant’s foray into the world of daily deals, AmazonLocal aggregates the best deals from other websites on a wide range of products and services from flowers to driving lessons and chocolates to online training programs. Subscription by email enables consumers to receive both local and national deals in the form of vouchers, which are presented to retailers in order to obtain the advertised offer. Local services are usefully indicated on a map so you can quickly identify to where you would need to travel to complete the deal.


Marketing itself as more of a lifestyle change than a simple discount website, Woot brings together numerous companies which offer daily discount deals. Each day brings a different daily deal (the ‘Woot) at the lowest price available on the Internet and is available until sold out or until midnight Central Time. Other offers are accessible either by brand or by product type and available deals are widely advertised by email, Twitter and Facebook.


Bloomspot’s target audience is those seeking a little luxury and offers deals on niche products such as Michelin-starred restaurants, spas, salons and five-star hotels both in the US and abroad. By stating your location and preferences you can access local deals but the nature of the products and services on offer mean that the best deals, which offer up to 70% off, may not be on your doorstep.


The HomeRun website features a deal of the day with full product description on the homepage, price and saving – if sufficient numbers of consumers purchase the product then the deal goes ahead so there’s a real community emphasis to this daily deals website using Facebook to share purchases between friends. There are also options to earn points to unlock other deals, obtain offers local to you and receive exclusive deals by phone.


Currently cover the US, UK, France and Italy(with a local search of major cities in each country also available) kgbdeals offers a wide range of deals on products including restaurants, cosmetic dentistry, electrical items and jewelry. Each deal is advertised with a detailed product review, remaining time before expiration and the number of similar items already sold so you can usefully see whether or not a particular offer has been popular with other consumers.

Top 5 Daily Deal Sites to Follow to Stay Recession-Proof

Top deal sitesIn the midst of financial hardship and a recession many Americans have turned to coupon purchases to save money and an explosion of daily deal sites have hit the market. These sites combine manufacturer coupons and alert shoppers to store deals. Many of the greatest sites allow shoppers to choose their location, select the items that they wish to purchase and make suggestions on which coupon and store combination would offer the greatest savings. While the net is flooded with sites offering shoppers an opportunity to save money it is certain that there are some that are far better than others. Here’s a look at the top 5 most popular daily deal sites. Read more… »

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Why You Should Subscribe to Daily Deal Newsletters

If you are an advocate for saving money, then you definitely want to consider subscribing to daily deal newsletters. Daily deal newsletters provide you with the most up to date information about daily deals in your area and surrounding areas. These newsletters also let you know about the hottest deals or the deals most people buy. You may see a feature such as “deals of the day in newsletters” by sites such as Groupon and Gilt City. You will also receive a notice about upcoming deals that you can get ready for. Read more… »

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Daily Deals: Also Available in Smaller Cities

Daily City DealsDaily city deals are available for your savings now. Savings are available for every city in the United States. They are extremely convenient as well. You select the city that you live in and get the savings. Consider Crowdsavings, Tippr, GiltCity and Zozi for you’re your savings needs. This is how it works and some more sites that you can save big money from.

The savings come in many forms. You can access the site savings through the computer or an app on your cell phone. Enter your email address into the app. Then you get the savings in your inbox. When you shop you can present the coupon from your app to save your money. That’s all there is to it. You can save on just about anything that you do. Never shop or go out for fun without your Groupon, HomeRun and EverSave deals. You can even shop online. Here are some examples. Read more… »

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What is a Daily Deal Aggregator?

dealsyIf you like a good bargain, you’ll love daily deal aggregators such as dealsy. These sites take deals from several other sites and combine them into a database of deals. This makes it possible to find the best deals in one place.

Daily deal aggregators take the deals from sites like Groupon and Living Social to make a large list of daily deals in a specific geographical area. You’ll even have the ability to login and personalize your settings so you can take advantage of great deals. Read more… »

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Spotting Daily Deals in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona daily dealsIn the city of Phoenix, Arizona, just as in other cities across America and around the world, citizens are always looking for ways to spend less, get more and also receive great deals. There are normally some great deals available in Phoenix, but only if you know where to look and if your timing is good.

One of the first places to checkout great deals in phoenix happens to be on the internet. A daily deal comparison site is a great resource that has plenty of useful deals going around. Here, a compilation of all of Phoenix daily deals is recorded. Only the top Phoenix daily deals are registered on to this website. Read more… »

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Spotting Top Tippr Deals in Seattle

Tippr.comWhen you are looking for the best daily deals in Seattle, you are going to find that Tippr Seattle is going to bring you the latest coupons, deals, and sites to turn to, no matter what the deal you are trying to get is for. From the best in dining, the newest jewelry to hit the web, your favorite theater performance, to deals on coffee, or flight tickets. When you want to find daily deals in Seattle, Tippr Seattle is the resource for your online deals. You are going to find that when you use the right sites, you are going to find all kinds of daily deals, and all categories that you can consider. Read more… »

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